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Helpful Guide On The Important Part Physiotherapy Plays In Healing Injuries

Cute Patient doing some exercises under supervision in a room
Cute Patient doing some exercises under supervision in a room

Many people don’t understand just how important physiotherapy is in aiding the healing of injuries. Many times, doctors will tell their patients to undergo certain physiotherapy routines after a bad injury. When this happens, patients are often confused as to why they have to undergo such therapy. This is especially true as by the time they are prescribed physiotherapy, it is often after a surgery or medical procedure that was meant to cure the injury.


The fact is, without physiotherapy the right environment for the healing of injuries isn’t possible. There are lots of different changes that occur in the body due to an injury, whether it be big or small. The changes often lead to the body being in a state where it isn’t able to heal the injury in the most effective manner. At the end of the day, the goal of the patient and the doctor is to ensure that the injury is able to heal not only properly but as quickly as possible. This is to minimize the inconvenience and downtime the patient has to encounter.

Hence, physiotherapy is a way of making sure that the body is in a condition where it can facilitate the most effective healing for a particular injury. Physiotherapy looks to incorporate such things as massages, exercises, stretches and other means to condition the body to heal injuries at a pace much more effective and efficient than without physiotherapy. This means that the body will heal quicker and that the patient will be able to recover on the best possible terms. Clearly, physiotherapy is thus very important.


There are lots of different components to physiotherapy that include everything from creating a plan directly catered to the patient’s injuries as well as plans to ensure that after physiotherapy is completed, the injuries are completely healed without any ongoing issues. The entire process is all encompassing and allows for the monitoring of injuries as it heals. This is particularly important as certain injuries may heal in ways that lead to long-term issues without the right physiotherapy.

You may have heard of instances where individuals break bones or injure certain muscles in their body. After such an occurrence, they may find that the particular bone or muscle isn’t able to function as well as before the injury. Many times, such a situation can be minimized greatly if the right physiotherapy had been undertaken. There are lots of long term consequences that arise without having the right kind of therapy after an injury. This is especially true for areas of the body that are used the most, such as the feet and hands.

Quality physiotherapy is paramount in the healing of injuries and because of this the right physiotherapist has to be chosen to help a patient heal and recover. There are lots of talented physiotherapists out there, but there are also many that are unskilled and unable to help patients recover in an effective manner. Thus, not only is the process of physiotherapy important, it is also important that a talented physiotherapist be present in the process to ensure that the most tailored and effective plans are able to be created for the patient.


There have been many miraculous stories of people healing from immensely devastating injuries thanks to help of an effective, tailored physiotherapy routine provided by a trained physiotherapist in cape town. These cases often involves those that perhaps may have lost movement of their limbs due to such things as nerve damage. However, after a long and effective routine with a physiotherapist, were able to get complete movement and mobility back to their limbs. It’s stories such as these that truly show how important the right physiotherapy is in the healing process of various injuries, big and small.

By understanding just how important physiotherapy is to the healing process of injuries, you will be able to put extra effort into finding getting such therapy should you get injured in the future. Too many people disregard the important role such therapy has to play in healing injuries. Thus, the next time you’re injured, you should ensure that you discuss extensively with your doctor how to get the right physiotherapy to ensure that you’ll be able to not only heal your injuries but heal it in an efficient manner.

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Best Brain Foods You Should Be Eating


Eating the right food is good for your physical, as well as mental health. Our cognitive ability, such as understanding and processing new information and staying focused on the task, is greatly affected by the food we eat. Our brains require food rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and good fats to provide energy and aid in protecting us against brain diseases. Here’s a list of the best brain foods you should be eating:


brain foods

Avocados contain both vitamin K and folate which help prevent blood clots in the brain as well as help improve cognitive function, especially both memory and concentration. They are also packed with monosaturated fats which contribute to healthy blood flow. These fats keep your blood sugar levels steady, thus help avoid hypertension. And because Hypertension is a risk factor for the decline in cognitive abilities, avoiding hypertension helps maintain a healthy brain.

Green Leafy Vegetables


It has been found that regular intake of green leafy vegetables can help keep dementia at bay. Green, leafy vegetables are also loaded with vitamins A and K which help fight inflammation and keep bones strong. Green leafy vegetable such as broccoli is good for the brain. Broccoli is one of the best brain foods out there. It provides high levels of vitamin K and choline, which will help keep your memory sharp. Vitamin K is known to enhance cognitive function and improve brainpower. Studies have found that broccoli can slow the breakdown of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, which we need for the central nervous system to perform properly and to keep our brains and our memories sharp because of its compound called glucosinolates. Broccoli is also loaded with vitamin C and contains high levels of fiber.



Another brain food you should be eating is Blueberries. Blueberries contain antioxidant, vitamin C, vitamin k, and fiber which contribute to a number of health benefits. Researchers have also found that blueberries help protect the brain from oxidative stress and may reduce the effects of age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Blueberries are good at protecting our brains from degeneration and stress because of their high levels of gallic acid.

Dark Chocolate


Dark chocolate has powerful antioxidant properties and contains several natural stimulants, including caffeine. Eating dark chocolate help enhance focus and concentration. It also stimulates the production of endorphins, which helps improve mood. Dark chocolate can also help lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to both the brain and heart.



Yolks contain large amounts of choline, which helps in fetal brain development for pregnant women. When you eat eggs, your brain uses choline to make acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is important for maintaining memory and communication among brain cells. In addition, eggs contain cholesterol which is an important component of brain cell membranes and serves as a brain-protective antioxidant. An egg is also one of the most inexpensive sources of protein.

Whole Grain


Another brain food you should be eating is whole grain. The brain cannot work without energy because the ability to concentrate and focus comes from an adequate, steady supply of energy. The energy needed is in the form of glucose. Wholegrains provide glucose in our blood. Choosing whole grains with a low-GI, which release glucose slowly into the bloodstream, keeping you mentally alert throughout the day.



Salmon is one of the most nutritious brain foods you should be eating. It is packed with omega-3 fatty acids which help keep your brain functioning and improve memory. Omega-3s, which are found in salmon and other cold-water fish like tuna, may improve the retention of brain cells and also bolster the brainpower of younger adults.

Nuts and Seeds


Nuts and seeds are good sources of vitamin E which can help prevent cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease as you age. They provide high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to help improve mental alertness. Eating brain foods such as walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, filberts, almonds, cashews, sesame seeds, flax seed, and nut butter such as peanut butter, almond butter, and tahini help keep your brain healthy.

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Top 5 Fast Food Disadvantages


Preparing healthy meals has become difficult in this fast-paced world. People have busy routines and busier social lives that buying groceries and cooking a good meal at home becomes next to impossible.  Because of these, people turn to fast food to save time not really thinking what it does to their health in the long run. Fast food or junk food refers to the type of food prepared and served to the customers at very short notice. Most of the fast food is prepared beforehand and just then preheated or precooked when an order comes up.

The convenience that fast food provides is undeniable. You will not be wasting time on the preparation of food, and instead, you can utilize your time in other more profitable endeavors. But the popularity of fast food chains all over the world, especially among the working individuals and teenagers, is quite alarming. This is because fast food products are believed to cause a variety of health problems. Being aware of the fast food disadvantages is essential to determining whether fast food is safe to include in your daily food intake. Here are some fast food disadvantages that you need to know.

Fast Food Disadvantages


One of the most obvious fast food disadvantages is obesity. Obesity is a common medical condition in most countries with a fast food culture. The high levels of sugar and fat in fast food can lead to an increased risk of obesity. Studies show that over the past twenty years, the number of obese children has doubled and the number of obese teens has tripled. This is because of the high-calorie contents of fast food. Extra sugar and food dye are put into fast food to make it more appealing. These addicting ingredients contribute to the increasing number of obesity cases. Obesity is not only bad for your physical appearance, it can also lead to health problems including heart disease and reduced life expectancy.

Unhealthy Food Choice

Even though many fast food joints are now offering healthier food choices, most of the fast food is still quite unhealthy. In addition to the fast food disadvantages, is the fact that fast food ingredients are mostly artificial. They are high in sugar and fat and are not meant to be eaten on a regular basis. Consuming these ingredients regularly can lead to health issues including heart disease, diabetes, and cancers.

Kidney and Cardiovascular Diseases

Most fast foods like French fries, burgers, pizzas have high salt and cholesterol content which when consumed excessively can cause problems with kidney or cardiovascular system. High levels of sodium from fast food will increase your blood pressure, which can also increase the risk of heart attack or stroke over time. Cholesterol can also clog the arteries, increasing the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. In addition, the high level of salt in fast food contributes to the probability of developing kidney diseases.

Adverse Effects of Additives and Preservatives

Most fast food products contain food additives and preservatives. A lot of these additives and preservatives are harmful to the human body.  Some of the preservatives have been known to contain carcinogenic materials which can cause cell damage and may lead to certain types of cancer if taken in excessive amount or frequency.

Effects to the Environment

To add to the list of fast food disadvantages is the effects of fast food on the environment. The production and selling of junk food put a significant negative impact on the environment. The environmental consequences are another rather large disadvantage of fast food that one has to consider. Excess packaging, excess processing of food, not to mention the chemical waste that occurs, not only from the preservatives for the fast food but also from the factory farms that house the millions of chickens and cows used in fast food production.


Overall, disadvantages of fast food are now beginning to outweigh the convenience it offers. Fast food may be the fastest way to satisfy your hunger, but it is not healthy at all. Fast food is now a fast way to increase your risk of heart attacks and other health-related issues, including cancer. You should learn to choose fast food carefully and limit your intake. So before you go order a happy meal, take a moment to think about the bigger consequences of eating fast food to your body and to the environment.

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What’s A Fortified Food?


Certain foods go through a process that takes all the nutrients they once had out of them. This is known as refining the food. Processed grains are a prime example. These grains can be found in breakfast cereal, snack cakes and many other items most American’s enjoy. When a food manufacturer decides to fortify the food, they are putting the nutrients they once had back in them. Usually, nutrients the food originally didn’t have are included too.


ironfoodsIron is often included in breakfast cereal. Grains are actually relatively low in this nutrient, even before they are processed. This nutrient makes up for the lack of red meat a lot of Americans are dealing with. Red meat is expensive. While breakfast cereal is not. So they are able to get the nutrient at a lower cost.

Vitamin A & D

vitamin-d-rich-food_11-1024x683Milk is fortified with vitamins A & D. These nutrients work well with milk as vitamin D cannot work without calcium. Calcium is naturally occurring in milk, even milk that has been pasteurized. Pasteurization is the process of boiling milk to kill the bacteria present in it.

Most people get vitamin D through natural sun exposure. But for those who live in a cloudy climate like Seattle, or are just suffering through the winter months, getting this nutrient the natural way isn’t a realistic option. Luckily our skin isn’t the only thing that can absorb this vitamin. It can also be absorbed through the gastrointestinal track. That’s why the vitamin’s placed in milk.


iodine-rich-foods-for-healthy-mind-and-bodyHave you ever wondered what makes iodized salt different from regular salt? Some people fall under the misconception that it’s a different type of salt. In reality, the salt is simply fortified with an essential nutrient that’s necessary for clear, critical thinking. IQs in America have gone up since the addition of this mineral.


osteoporosisdietThose who are strict vegans may not be getting the calcium they need. Most Americans are consuming it through cheese and other dairy products. While soy versions taste great, they lack the calcium natural dairy products are rich with. Soy has a lot of other great stuff in it, like protein, iron and other nutrients. But the Calcium has to be added into it through an unnatural process. This prevents osteoporosis in Vegans.

B Vitamins

168649-425x284-vit-b-rich-foodsB Vitamins are added to a lot of foods and beverages these days. This is especially useful for those of us who are avoiding meat. As B-12 can only be gained through the consumption of dairy products. It’s responsible for our body’s ability to make energy. So it’s important to make sure your body’s getting enough of it.

While no one’s trying to say that energy drinks are healthy, they are fortified with plenty of B vitamins, including B-12, to keep us going. One energy drink contains all the B vitamins we need for the day. So there’s no reason to consume more than that. Unless you have an exam to cram for.

While It’s An Unnatural Process, It Makes Food Healthier

Even though the fortification of food may seem unhealthy, don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s unnatural, without fortification vitamin deficiencies would be ramped. Especially among low income families that may only be able to afford a box of cereal. Not every American can get their Vitamins the natural way.

Fortified Foods Are Everywhere: So Enjoy!

This list could go on and on. Food manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to make what you consume healthier. Be sure to look for fortified foods and include them in your diet. It’s the only way to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need.

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5 Immunity Boosting Foods


The immune system does a remarkable job of defending you against disease-causing microorganism and on the other hand, diet plays an important role in boosting your immune system. Staying around people who are sneezing or sniffling, you may need to extract as much nutrition from your diet as you can and avoiding processed foods, sugar and grains can go a long way in strengthening your immune system. But you can choose foods loaded with specific immune boosting nutrients rather than loading yourself with supplements or falling victim to vaccines that expose you to health risks. Below are 5 foods that can boost your immune system.


yogurtWhen you take a morning dose of yogurt it helps your immune system to become stronger. This is because yogurt contains probiotics that are known to be healthy bacteria that help boost your immune system by keeping the gut and intestinal duct free of disease-causing germs. 80% of your immune system resides in your gut and you really need to have a balanced and good gut to have the most fighting power. When taking yogurt look for products labeled with ”Live & Active cultures”, which signifies that the yogurt contains a set minimum amount of types of beneficial bacteria. To make the most out of yogurt, make it a regular part of your daily diet because when looking to maintain healthy immune system, it all starts with prevention.


garlic_310_0Garlic is jam-packed with an active ingredient, allicin that helps to fight infections and bacteria. It usually has a natural antiviral and antibacterial properties. This ingredient becomes potent and is released when the inside of garlic cloves get exposed to air. People who get sick are advised to eat raw garlic to stave off the illness. Research shows that people who take garlic extract for 12 weeks, two-third of them are less likely to catch a cold.


spinachSpinach has become famous for its superfood attributes and is a powerhouse vegetable. Spinach has antioxidant and beta-carotene properties that increase the infection fighting capabilities of your immune system. It also contains folic acid that helps to repair cells. spinach is supposed to be cooked as little as possible so as to retain its nutrients. When cooked it contains potassium that acts as electrolytes to keep the body well hydrated and keep the energy level in balance. Also, it enhances its vitamin A and reduces oxalic acid. When you want to boost your immunity, you need to incorporate spinach into your diet at least twice or thrice per week.

Chicken soup

1201p116-good-old-fashioned-chicken-soup-xIt turns out there is an importance in taking the chicken soup. When you are sick, chicken soup is more than just feel good food with its placebo effect. Chicken soup helps to protect you from getting sick in the first place. Poultry such as turkey and chicken is high in Vitamin B-6, where the vitamin is an important player in many chemical reactions that happens within the body. Also is vital in the formation of new and healthy red blood cells. The bone broth that is produced by boiling the chicken bones contains chondroitin and gelatin that are helpful for gut healing and immunity. Also, like any other hot liquid, the soup helps you to stay hydrated and raises the temperatures of airways that are vital in loosening secretion.

Citrus fruit

2012-10-13_19-03-26_362-622x621Most people go for vitamin C when they catch a cold. But is good to know it tops the chart for foods that help keep your immune system running properly. Citrus fruit contains vitamin c that increases production of white blood cells. They include grapefruit, lemon, orange, tangerine etc. Daily intake is essential because the body does not produce or store it. Almost all citrus fruits contain vitamin C and with such variety to choose from, it is easy to squeeze it to any meal.

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5 Foods That Are Surprisingly High In Sugar


When reading the labels on items of food in a local supermarket, it is not surprising that there is a lot of sugar in the products such as soda, cake mix, cookies, jelly and ice cream. However it comes as a shock when you find that bottles of barbecue or pasta sauce contain 12 grams of sugar or more or a healthy-sounding bottled tea contains 50 grams. Below are 5 of those foods that may come as a surprise to you.

1.Packaged Or Canned Fruit


You probably won’t expect to find loads of sugar in packaged fruit even when the packages state “in a light syrup” such as diced pears or peaches that have been made out of “real fruit” such as Fruit Chillers Sorbet. Below are a few examples:

DelMonte Fruit Chillers Frozen Fruit Sorbet: an individual cup contains 190 calories and 26 grams of sugar

• Dole Diced peaches prepared in a light syrup, one serving contains 80 calories and 18 grams of sugar

• DelMonte diced mandarin oranges or pears in a light syrup contains 70 calories and 17 grams of sugar in a single serving

2.Muffin Mixes And Prepared Muffins


On Fiber One’s muffin mix sugar is the very first of the listed ingredients and each muffin will contain about 15 grams of sugar. The serving size of the packaged muffins can vary significantly but even small ones contain over 15 grams in sugar content. Some examples include:

Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chip Muffins, a single muffin contains 420 calories and 32 grams of sugar

• Weight Watchers Double Chocolate or Blueberry Muffins contain 190 calories and 21 grams of sugar in each muffin

• Little Debbie Blueberry Muffins, contain around 190 calories and 16 grams of sugar for each muffin

3.Breakfast Cereals


It comes as no surprise that the common “high-sugar” cereals that the Americans are familiar with include Cap’n Crunch, Reese’s Puffs and Froot Loops all contain approximately 12 grams of sugar per a serving. But here are some cereals that are supposedly healthier that contain the same if not more sugar content than the well-known sweet varieties:

Kellogg’s Cracklin’Oat Bran a ¾ cup contains 200 calories and 15 grams of sugar

• Kellogg’s Smart Start Strong Heart, Original Antioxidant, 1 cup contains 190 calories and 14 grams of sugar

• Quaker Oatmeal Squares, 1 cup contains 210 calories and 13 grams of sugar

4.Bottled Pasta Sauces


A few of the bottled pasta sauces contain double sometimes triple the amount of sugar when compared to other types. Below are a few of these products:

• Prego Fresh Mushroom Italian Sauce, just ½ cup contains 90 calories and around 11 grams in sugar

• Prego 3-Cheese Sauce contains 80 calories and 11 grams of sugar in a ½ cup serving

• Bertolli Vineyard Marinara contains around 80 calories and 12 grams of sugar in only half a cup

• Newman’s Own Tomato and Basil contains 90 calories and 12 grams of sugar in a ½ cup serving



One should think by now that most consumers are aware that any sweetened yogurt comes with a high amount of sugar. It is suggested to enjoy a food type such as yogurt without the added sugars, it is advisable to add your own flavors and buy only the plain yogurt varieties. The other options are to buy a yogurt that uses an alternative sweetener. Some of the examples of yogurt brands that contain high amounts of sugar include:

• Yoplait Original 99% fat free, the Lemon Burst flavor that comes in 6 ounce portions contains 180 calories and 31 grams of sugar

• Yoplait Strawberry Thick and Creamy contains 180 calories and 28 grams of sugar in a 6 ounce serving

• Yoplait Original 99% fat free is Boysenberry flavor contains 170 calories per a serving as well as 27 grams of sugar

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The Main Reasons Why Sugar Is Unhealthy


Sugar exists in a number of variations over and above the white or brown powdered form available in grocery stores. There are various effects of sugar regardless of its form that includes maple syrup, honey and corn syrup and unfortunately today we consume more than humans have ever done so before.


Many people argue that consuming sugar in moderation is alright and eliminating a “food group” can be dangerous. It is true that avoiding one of the macronutrient categories completely such as fat, proteins or carbohydrates is an issue, but sugar is actually not classified as an actual food group. Despite the fact that sugar in certain food types is present naturally, when it is on its own it contains:

• No healthy type fats

• No protein

• No nutrients

• No enzymes

In fact it is just an empty calorie that is digested extremely fast and at the same time extracts minerals out of the human body during the stages of digestion. Here are some of the reasons as to why sugar is so unhealthy:

What Is Inside Sugar?

various types of sugar

In most cases when discussing sugar we refer to a combination of fructose and glucose. Both these simple sugars can be found in several food types. It has been suggested that there is no “safe” amount of refined or processed sugar. However natural contained sugars found in vegetables and fruit are balanced with enzymes, vitamins, fiber and other types of properties of the vegetable or the fruit that slow down the digestion of sugar and assist the body to deal with the sugar in a more tolerant way. The refined and processed varieties offer none of the above mentioned benefits and rather produce harmful effects inside the body. These include:

Stress on the liver. When eating fructose it goes directly into the liver. When glycogen levels are low in the liver such as after an exercise workout, fructose can replenish these levels. But, in most cases individuals do not consume fructose directly after a workout and the liver is usually already filled with glycogen. This is when the liver will turn fructose into fats. Some of this fat will be disposed of out of the liver, but a portion remains. Fat then increases as time goes by and can lead to what is known as Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

• Increase Triglycerides and Bad Cholesterol

• Contributes to what is known as Leptin resistance which in turn creates cravings, weight gain and even sleep troubles

• Produces an addictive response to sugar inside the brain

• Never makes you feel satisfied and rather creates a feeling that you should be eating more

In today’s society it has become extremely difficult to avoid sugar completely due to the fact that it is so easy to access. However this widespread availability does not decrease how sugar can affect the human body. It may be hard task but it is highly suggested to try and choose real and whole foods whenever possible and try to avoid any type of processed food types particularly those that contain sugars and grains.

This is possible when deciding to cook at home as much as possible. Households should avoid consuming any type of drink that contains sugar and this includes fruit juice. A healthy lifestyle can include breakfasts with eggs or the leftovers from the night before. Lunches can be homemade soups or salads and dinners grilled or baked meat, chicken or fish served with loads of vegetables. These changes may seem like hard work to begin with, but the health benefits really speak for themselves when sugar has been eliminated from the diet.