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The Main Reasons Why Sugar Is Unhealthy


Sugar exists in a number of variations over and above the white or brown powdered form available in grocery stores. There are various effects of sugar regardless of its form that includes maple syrup, honey and corn syrup and unfortunately today we consume more than humans have ever done so before.


Many people argue that consuming sugar in moderation is alright and eliminating a “food group” can be dangerous. It is true that avoiding one of the macronutrient categories completely such as fat, proteins or carbohydrates is an issue, but sugar is actually not classified as an actual food group. Despite the fact that sugar in certain food types is present naturally, when it is on its own it contains:

• No healthy type fats

• No protein

• No nutrients

• No enzymes

In fact it is just an empty calorie that is digested extremely fast and at the same time extracts minerals out of the human body during the stages of digestion. Here are some of the reasons as to why sugar is so unhealthy:

What Is Inside Sugar?

various types of sugar

In most cases when discussing sugar we refer to a combination of fructose and glucose. Both these simple sugars can be found in several food types. It has been suggested that there is no “safe” amount of refined or processed sugar. However natural contained sugars found in vegetables and fruit are balanced with enzymes, vitamins, fiber and other types of properties of the vegetable or the fruit that slow down the digestion of sugar and assist the body to deal with the sugar in a more tolerant way. The refined and processed varieties offer none of the above mentioned benefits and rather produce harmful effects inside the body. These include:

Stress on the liver. When eating fructose it goes directly into the liver. When glycogen levels are low in the liver such as after an exercise workout, fructose can replenish these levels. But, in most cases individuals do not consume fructose directly after a workout and the liver is usually already filled with glycogen. This is when the liver will turn fructose into fats. Some of this fat will be disposed of out of the liver, but a portion remains. Fat then increases as time goes by and can lead to what is known as Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

• Increase Triglycerides and Bad Cholesterol

• Contributes to what is known as Leptin resistance which in turn creates cravings, weight gain and even sleep troubles

• Produces an addictive response to sugar inside the brain

• Never makes you feel satisfied and rather creates a feeling that you should be eating more

In today’s society it has become extremely difficult to avoid sugar completely due to the fact that it is so easy to access. However this widespread availability does not decrease how sugar can affect the human body. It may be hard task but it is highly suggested to try and choose real and whole foods whenever possible and try to avoid any type of processed food types particularly those that contain sugars and grains.

This is possible when deciding to cook at home as much as possible. Households should avoid consuming any type of drink that contains sugar and this includes fruit juice. A healthy lifestyle can include breakfasts with eggs or the leftovers from the night before. Lunches can be homemade soups or salads and dinners grilled or baked meat, chicken or fish served with loads of vegetables. These changes may seem like hard work to begin with, but the health benefits really speak for themselves when sugar has been eliminated from the diet.