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What’s A Fortified Food?


Certain foods go through a process that takes all the nutrients they once had out of them. This is known as refining the food. Processed grains are a prime example. These grains can be found in breakfast cereal, snack cakes and many other items most American’s enjoy. When a food manufacturer decides to fortify the food, they are putting the nutrients they once had back in them. Usually, nutrients the food originally didn’t have are included too.


ironfoodsIron is often included in breakfast cereal. Grains are actually relatively low in this nutrient, even before they are processed. This nutrient makes up for the lack of red meat a lot of Americans are dealing with. Red meat is expensive. While breakfast cereal is not. So they are able to get the nutrient at a lower cost.

Vitamin A & D

vitamin-d-rich-food_11-1024x683Milk is fortified with vitamins A & D. These nutrients work well with milk as vitamin D cannot work without calcium. Calcium is naturally occurring in milk, even milk that has been pasteurized. Pasteurization is the process of boiling milk to kill the bacteria present in it.

Most people get vitamin D through natural sun exposure. But for those who live in a cloudy climate like Seattle, or are just suffering through the winter months, getting this nutrient the natural way isn’t a realistic option. Luckily our skin isn’t the only thing that can absorb this vitamin. It can also be absorbed through the gastrointestinal track. That’s why the vitamin’s placed in milk.


iodine-rich-foods-for-healthy-mind-and-bodyHave you ever wondered what makes iodized salt different from regular salt? Some people fall under the misconception that it’s a different type of salt. In reality, the salt is simply fortified with an essential nutrient that’s necessary for clear, critical thinking. IQs in America have gone up since the addition of this mineral.


osteoporosisdietThose who are strict vegans may not be getting the calcium they need. Most Americans are consuming it through cheese and other dairy products. While soy versions taste great, they lack the calcium natural dairy products are rich with. Soy has a lot of other great stuff in it, like protein, iron and other nutrients. But the Calcium has to be added into it through an unnatural process. This prevents osteoporosis in Vegans.

B Vitamins

168649-425x284-vit-b-rich-foodsB Vitamins are added to a lot of foods and beverages these days. This is especially useful for those of us who are avoiding meat. As B-12 can only be gained through the consumption of dairy products. It’s responsible for our body’s ability to make energy. So it’s important to make sure your body’s getting enough of it.

While no one’s trying to say that energy drinks are healthy, they are fortified with plenty of B vitamins, including B-12, to keep us going. One energy drink contains all the B vitamins we need for the day. So there’s no reason to consume more than that. Unless you have an exam to cram for.

While It’s An Unnatural Process, It Makes Food Healthier

Even though the fortification of food may seem unhealthy, don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s unnatural, without fortification vitamin deficiencies would be ramped. Especially among low income families that may only be able to afford a box of cereal. Not every American can get their Vitamins the natural way.

Fortified Foods Are Everywhere: So Enjoy!

This list could go on and on. Food manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to make what you consume healthier. Be sure to look for fortified foods and include them in your diet. It’s the only way to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need.

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